I would tell you how much pizza I ate for lunch, and how deliciously awful it was, but that would be rude and unbecoming.




Star Wars Macarons

Ok. I work at Ladurée. We have been in the macaron busy for 150 years.

And these move me.

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How to tell if it was a gunshot or fireworks: gunshots don’t echo, fireworks do. 


the fact that anyone might commonly need to know this terrifies me

the fact that someone says “the fact that anyone might commonly need to know this terrifies me” terrifies me like clearly you did not grow up in the south and i feel sorry for u 

Well - it’s just not true, anyway.
Gunshots echo just like ANY other sound.

What is the difference between Gunshots and Fireworks?

• Gunshots have a flatter sound and do not have several echoes like fireworks.

• Fireworks start with a whistling sound and then produce a pop sound.

• Fireworks do not follow a pattern whereas there are fewer gunshots but with regular or set pattern.

Research doesn’t really matter here, does it?  I can hear gun fire several times a week in my neighborhood—despite city ordinances not allowing that.  I can also hear fireworks almost weekly—again, not allowed.  From my living room, I can’t hear the whistling sound. I’ve also never heard echoes on either sound.  I guess ‘cause of all the trees?

Gunshots and a pattern confuse me.  It’s about how many times—and how quickly—someone pulls that trigger.  It’s pretty amazing how fast you can pull a trigger sometimes.  Or how randomly.  

I know my city now has multiple “gun shot” recognition towers that just sit there, passively (or so I’m told) waiting for gun shots to be recorded, and then they triangulate an area to make it easier for the PD to find it.  I’d like to think they pick up gun shots differently than large fireworks? 


Y’all. (Or, You’se Guys, for you’se Yanks that read this.)

I have HBO.

I have HBO Go.

I have GoT, True Blood, etc etc.

My head is higher than yours.





primadonna girl 

✿ all i ever wanted was the world 

Is that bow taped onto that snake

I’m pretty sure that’s kind of a fuckin’ bad thing to do

u fuckin serious m8 it was literally a pencil eraser sized boop of double sided tape gently laid on her head so the bow would stay on 

i promise you my twelve foot long, 30-pound burmese python survived a boop of tape to the noggin

a boop of tape to the noggin

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My dearest Emily…

My dearest Emily…




this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*

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Unpopular opinion? (It’s more a question, really)

Someone help me out here. 

Of all the heroes in the Marvel universe, why is Thor the one they made the next incarnation of a woman?

I thought Thor was Thor, regardless of whether he is worthy of the hammer?

Or is there a new named person, wielding the hammer? And they’re just calling her Thor because they dont have a new name yet?


Anonymous said: How do I make my cake to be level and flat after baking it? Mine always rise up unevenly making it kind of hard to put on the frosting :L #Help


The course of true baking ne’er did run smooth…er… even.

All leavening agents make baked goods crown to a degree. Variations in temperature in different areas of the oven and subte tilting of oven racks can also lead to extremely lopsided cakes… which must be eaten to destroy all evidence.

  1. Make sure all pans are filled evenly. Knock them or give them a good swirl to evenly distribute batter.
  2. Rotate the pans’ positions in the oven midway through the baking. Turn the pans as well.

For a layer cake to sit flat it needs to be flat, which cakes aren’t unless something’s gone terribly wrong (like the time you wondered what a brick would taste like covered in chocolate…not too bad, really). Level is achieved 99.5% of the time by cutting.

The best tools for cutting are cheap:

  1. Bread knife
  2. Dental floss

There are fancy cake cutters out there, but unless cakes are being made en masse, they’re not really necessary. A bread knife and a good sense of what’s level will work.

Here’s what you do:

  • Wait until cake layers have cooled, smacking your hand impatiently to prevent early cake consumption. Consume emergency backup cake layer just in case.
  • Grab a ruler, if desperate, otherwise eyeball what looks level. (The cake pan itself is an excellent guide.)
  • Snag the bread knife, and gently GENTLY saw off the crown to create an even surface.
  • Repeat on all layers.
  • Slice some bread, since you have a bread knife and all.
  • Eat bread while congratulating yourself on your badass cake leveling skills.

It works just the same with dental floss, only you wrap a good bit around your fingers like you’re about to give a woolly mammoth his annual dental cleaning. You saw gently back and forth, while occasionally singing, “Brusha, brusha, brusha.” Et voila. Flat cake layer.

Some people are clever and use rulers. Some people also wear pants and have jobs and are productive members of society with families who still speak to them. You’re not some people.

*NOTE: For the layer that’s to be the top of the cake, you’re cutting the side that will go on the BOTTOM of the top layer. The cut surfaces should face the middle of the cake to keep crumbs down.

If this doesn’t work, 99.5% of what’s pictured on TV cake shows is made entirely out of Rice Krispie treats. Make Rice Krispie treats instead. Eat them alone.Tell no one.

Hang on. Now you’ve got a hankering for cake. Five cakes. And a woolly mammoth to share them with.

TIps, yo.  Use ‘em.


chan-chan replied to your post: I think I ate too much pizza for lunch.

Not a thing.

See? This is support.  Right here. ;-)


yellowbearsdontstop replied to your post “I think I ate too much pizza for lunch.”

that’s not a thing. that’s a state of being.

A zen state of being.  :-)

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